MAC Annual Report

MAC’s annual agency report provides information on the activities the agency was involved in during the year, including a listing of grants given to organizations and individuals, a summary of special initiatives, and a brief overview of MAC’s financial statement. The report also contains general information about the agency, including board members and staff, a list of MAC’s mission and goals, and a summary of MAC’s authorizing legislation.

To view MAC’s most recent annual report in booklet form, click HERE.

Download a PDF of the report here: PDF (4mb)

Annual Budget Request

As part of the state’s budget request process, MAC is required to post its budget request for the upcoming fiscal year. Below is our budget request for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018) that will be reviewed by the State Legislature during their 2017 session. To learn more about the state’s budget process, visit the Legislative Budget Office’s website.

MAC Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Request (PDF)

Report Fraud

Mississippi public employees are protected by the Whistleblower Act (M.C.A. 25-9-171 ET SEQ) from retaliation resulting directly from truthfully testifying or providing information of improper governmental action.

Report Fraud via the Office of the State Auditor