The FY22 Grants Cycle was paneled in May 2021.

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**FY22 Annual Grants include:

  • The Mississippi Artist Roster
  • Teacher Roster
  • Artist Fellowships
  • Folk & Traditional Apprenticeships
  • Individual Project Grants
  • Organization Operating Grants
  • Organization Project Grants
  • MS Whole Schools and Model Schools

Please contact your Program Director if you need more information on your specific grant applications. Decisions will be made public in early July 2021.

COVID-19 Related MAC Grants

The MAC CARES Emergency Grants program was established by the Mississippi Arts Commission in April 2020 as a response to the economic devastation of COVID-19 on the arts sector. Using federal CARES Act funding, the program provided one-time grants to non-profit arts organizations in Mississippi. Other COVID-19 related grant opportunities include the Rapid Response Minigrants for organizations and individuals as well as the Community Response Grants for organizations, both of which are described below.

Community Response Grants

Community Response Grants are now closed.

In an effort to help organizations create large-scale, arts-focused work that adapts to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mississippi Arts Commission is now accepting letters of interest for its new Community Response Grant. This grant opportunity will provide up to $10,000 for the creation of arts-focused, socially distanced events such as public art, art exhibits or performances, significant arts-related virtual programming and arts-focused community visioning.

Eligible organizations include: Mississippi based 501c3 nonprofit organizations, municipalities, schools, libraries and other units of local government.

Community Response Grants are intended for high-impact public art programming that is outside the scope of a typical MAC project grant.

Grants for Individual Artists

Fellowship Grants: Grants of up to $5,000 are awarded to artists in Mississippi who are performing at a high standard of artistic merit.  (Fellowships are very competitive). Apply here by March 8, 2021.

Individual Project Grants: Grants of $2,000 provide funding to support ideas and projects organized by or for individual artists in Mississippi. Apply here by March 8, 2021.

Folk Arts Apprenticeship: Grants up to $2,000 to support both master artist and apprentice with the goal of  ensuring the survival of traditional art forms found throughout Mississippi. Apply here by March 8, 2021.

Individual Mini-grants: Grants up to $500 are available to individual artists. Eligible uses for Mini-grants for Individuals include: travel and registration for workshops or conferences, promotional materials, artistic supplies or to assist in adapting an individual artist’s work in a virtual setting. Apply here by June 1, 2021.


Other Supporting Programs for Individual Artists:

The Artist Roster is a listing of artists who are available for performances, workshops and other programs in communities. Apply here by March 8, 2021.

The Teaching Artist Roster is a listing of professional artists, specialists and education professionals who are available to work with educators and administrators to develop strategies for using arts in K-12 classrooms. Apply here by March 8, 2021

While the Roster programs are not connected to a financial award, Organizations are encouraged to apply for Mini-grants to hire those listed on the Artist Roster and Teaching Artist Roster


Grants for Organizations

Project Grants of up to $5,000 help fund a broad range of arts projects and arts components of larger projects in Mississippi communities. Eligible organizations include: 501(c)3 nonprofits, municipalities or other units of government such as schools and libraries. Apply here by March 8, 2021.

Operating Grants are specifically available for arts focused institutions as operating support to assist these core organizations maintain their financial stability, build their organizational capacity, improve their artist programs, and broaden their programs throughout the community. Eligible organizations should have the arts as the primary focus and mission. Apply here by March 8, 2021

Organization Mini-grants up to $1,000 are available to organizations. Eligible uses for the Mini-grants for Organizations include: professional development for staff (attending a workshop/conference or hiring a consultant), hiring a MAC Roster Artist as a part of an organization project or initiative or to assist in adapting an organization’s work in a virtual setting. Apply here by June 1, 2021.


Still not sure which MAC grant is the best fit for you? Watch the video above or use the Grant Decision Tree below to help you find the right source of funding for your needs.