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Arts Jobs in Mississippi

  • Director of Marketing and Box Office, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Jackson, MS.
    Posted 7/7/16, Starts 9/1/16.
  • Pastry Chef, La Brioche Patisserie, Jackson, MS.
    Posted 7/16. Contact Cristina Lazzari, Managing Partner, at (601) 988-2299 or

Local and National Resources

Contact information for other arts organizations, including:

  • Mississippi community-based arts organizations
  • Statewide arts service organizations
  • National arts service organizations
  • Regional and national arts granting agencies
  • Regional and national arts in education resources

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ADA Information and Checklist

Here is a brief outline of general information on serving people with disabilities and adopting an access philosophy.

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Presenting Mississippi’s Traditional Artists: A Handbook for Local Arts Agencies

The online version of a booklet originally published by the Commission in 1994. It provides an introduction to community arts workers on how to document traditional artists and utilize them in programming.

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Emergency Preparedness

Since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and its cultural heritage, the Mississippi Arts Commission has been working in arts recovery and emergency preparedness in an effort to support and assist our arts constituents during and before times of disaster.  The Commission has devised a plan that we hope will be helpful to all of our constituents.


Financial Management Guide for State and Local Governments

This guide, provided by the National Endowment for the Arts Office of Inspector General, outlines standards for financial management of a grant. The standards outlined are applicable to Mississippi Arts Commission grantees. This document references OMB Circulars A-102 and A-133.

Download the Financial Management Guide (PDF)

Disclosure of Quid Pro Quo Contributions

(IRS Publication 1771)A charitable organization must give a donor a disclosure statement for a quid pro quo contribution over $75. A donor cannot deduct a charitable contribution of $250 or more unless the donor has a written acknowledgement from the charitable organization.

In certain circumstances, an organization may be able to meet both of these requirements with the same written document. For more information on this subject, visit the IRS website.


Here is a list of useful links compiled by Commission staff.

Marketing & Public Relations Guide

Marketing is a key component to the success of any artist and arts organization.  We have included some tips for marketing and public relations that might provide some new ideas for spreading the word! 

Resource - North Carolina Arts Council

Marketing and Public Relations Guide MS Word (210KB) or PDF (96.4KB)

How to Become a Published Writer

The Mississippi Arts Commission understands how difficult it can be to navigate the literary world.  The agency has compiled a very in-depth, detailed resource for literary artists who would like to become published.

How to Become A Published Writer PDF (236kb) or MS Word (495kb)

Diversity Toolkit

The objective of this manual is to offer basic information on the issues surrounding diversity, as well as to provide strategies for arts leaders who want to increase the diversity of their organization and its offerings.

Diversity Toolkit PDF (399kb)