Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mississippi Arts Commission has worked in emergency preparedness for the arts and disaster recovery to support our constituents before, during, and after times of crisis. We are here to help you or your local arts entity in any way possible.

COVID-19 Guidance & Resources

As COVID-19 spreads, we recognize that this health concern presents special challenges for the arts sector, especially those hosting mass gatherings, such as performances, festivals, screenings, and the like.

 2020 State Arts Conference Panel: “Preparing for and Coping with Emergencies Facing the Arts”

How did MAC responding to COVID-19?

MAC CARES Emergency Grants: In response to the economic devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, MAC created MAC CARES Emergency Grants. This series of grants was made possible through federal CARES Act funding as well as state support. Through MAC’s partners at the National Endowment for the Arts and South Arts, the agency was able to provide financial support to its existing operating grantees and project grantees. Through state funding, the agency created Rapid Response Minigrants to respond to the needs of individual artists and arts organizations. Later rounds of emergency grants were supported by funds from by the American Rescue Plan through MAC’s ARP RESCUE and RELIEF grants.

Other COVID-19 Resources:

Americans for the Arts has created a resource center on their website with an exhaustive list of funding opportunities for artists and arts organizations as well as guidance on re-opening.  Americans for the Arts is also collecting data and impact stories through this survey. ArtsReady has also shared information for event venues.

Below you will find links to documents and resources that may be helpful to you for emergency preparedness and recovery.

Resources for Artists

Resources for Organizations

Many national arts organizations have also compiled resources for artists and arts organizations: 

General Emergency Preparedness Plan & Disaster Response

Below are links to resources that we hope will assist you as you create an emergency preparedness plan and as you organize in the aftermath of a disaster.

MAC’s Emergency Preparedness Plan (PDF)

National Coalition for Arts’ Preparedness and Emergency Response Fact Sheet

National Coalition for Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response Essential Guidelines for Arts Responders Organizing in the Aftermath of Disaster

Crisis Communications Resources

In our increasingly connected world, it should come as no surprise that arts organizations, like all other entities, are vulnerable to public controversies and crises. Several arts partners have assembled helpful plans to guide arts organizations through these times without creating lasting damage.

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies: Communicating about Arts Controversies (PDF)

Oklahoma Arts Council: Crisis Communications Planning

Other local, regional and national resources

Below are a few organizations that provide assistance and support for artists and arts organizations in times of disaster.