Mississippi Artists Let Their Light Shine

In the midst of COVID-19, we could all use a little more light. MAC’s latest video features artists across the state of Mississippi who answered a call to share glimpses of what brings them joy during this time. The inspiring result shows an array of Mississippi artists shining their light while a variety of musicians play “This Little Light of Mine.” 

From all of us at the MAC, keep your light shining! 

Special thanks to filmmaker and musician Matthew Magee for putting all the pieces together.

Participating Artists: Adam Collier (AJC), Adib Sabir, Adrian Jones, Allison Jenkins, Amanda Koolaba, Analia Gonzalez,Andrew Bonner,  Anna Ehrgott, Anne Mason, Andrea Kostyal, Andrew Bryant, Angie Cooper, Antoinette Badenhorst, Audrey Kate Turner, Austin Sorey, Autumn Bankead, Ava Ledford, Aven Whittington, Bill Ellison, Bob Dowell, Carol Roark, Cary Hudson, Casey Jones, Charlotte Smelser, Cristan Trexler, Christina Spann, Christopher Mabry (Big Yayo), Christy Turner, Chuck Galey, Cille Litchfield. Connie Jeanes, Cora Blackwell, Craig Stuart Tucker, Daniel Magee, Daniel Smelser, Delta Arts Alliance, Delta Center Stage, Derek Norsworthy, Dianne Butler, Don Jacobs, Doris Jones, Dylan Lovett, E.E. Bass Cultural Arts Center, Eden Brent, Elaine Maisel, Ellie Massey, Emily Williams, Enders Allen, Eva Ehrgott, Gail Morton, Glenn Payne, Haley Dollarhide, Hal Jeanes, Hugh Davis, Isabelle Gonzalez, Jack Magee, Jason Daniel, Jason Kimes, Jaqueline Wooton, Jeff Callaway, Jess Brown, John Ellis Ehrgott, Joshua Quong, Julia Kirk, June Caldwell, Kay Thomas, Kinetic Etchings, Kristen Brandt, Leslie Barker, Lila Ledford, Lilly Iris Mitchell, Linda Peters, Link Centre, Lucy Ledford, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, Magnolia Drive, Malcolm White, Marbury Jacobs, Margot Blackwell, Maria Zeringue, Marta Szlubowska-Kirk, Mary Art Contrary, Mary Frances Massey, Matthew Magee, Melanie Deas, Melanie Thortis, Melody Moody Thortis, Meridian Little Theatre, Merit Koch, Milena Rusanova, Monquez Ford, Mozzy Magee, Nancy Bateman,  New Stage Theatre, Nicholas Ciraldo, Nicolas Gonzalez, Patty Carreras, Pearl Magee, Phillip Blackwell, Rachael Boxill, Rachel Ciraldo, Rebecca Jernigan, Robin Whitfield, Rory Doyle, Ruby Magee, Sally Werner Edwards, Scott Hathorn, Shelley Gendusa, Stephen Phillips, Stormin’ Bob Swanson and sons, Tammy Luke, Taylor Hildebrand, Taylor Yowell, The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center, Theresa Sanchez, The Garden Farmacy, Tricia Walker, Ty Maisel, Tyler Kemp, Valley Hildebrand, Vince Massimino, Vixon Sullivan, Wes Bonner, Wilder Bertram, Will Jacks, Zach Lovett, Zakary Joyner