Robin Whitfield paints on location with watercolor and experiments with foraged wild pigments. She takes a special interest in exploring native habitats on public land in Mississippi. Her lightweight painting system gives her access by foot or kayak to these wild and remote places. Her studio is located near the square and Lee Tartt Nature Preserve in the historic district of Grenada, Mississippi.  Her non profit Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp manages and interprets Chakchiuma Swamp, the natural community within Lee Tartt Nature preserve.

Robin graduated from Delta State University in 1996 with a bachelor’s in fine arts in painting and has given creative workshops and exhibited across the state for over 20 years. She enjoys working with all ages. Her workshops include: earth color, watercolor, or creative collaborations in the form of murals or environmental art. She also gives presentations in topics where art, nature, and conservation overlap.