Sharde Thomas has led fife and drum bands since her grandfather, Otha Turner, was alive, leading his own band that she was a part of. In 2003, Sharde started her own band, Rising Stars, to continue her grandfather’s legacy.

In recent years, the band has grown into a worldwide brand and monumental blues history sensation. The mixture of old-school songs with fresh, funky beats is bound to keep the young and the old on their feet!

The Rising Stars have played at some of the best venues in the USA, including the Lincoln Center (NYC), The Ryman (Nashville), and countless festivals around the world, including France, Switzerland, and the UK.

The Rising Stars just finished a tour in Africa and has gained the popularity of the new, youthful blues crowd. Feeding the world what they never knew they needed. Drums and Fife in the form of blues, R&B, Hip Hop and Dance.

The Rising Stars’ recent release, “Evolution of Fife and Drum Music,” is the winner of the Memphis Blues Society Self-Produced CD competition.