Puppet Arts Theatre is a professional touring theatre company under the direction of Peter Zapletal, a five-time Emmy Award-winning puppeteer. The company makes its own puppets and travels with flexible staging, sound, and lights. With its rich repertoire of well-known folk tales, Puppet Arts offers a complete theatre experience in any setting. In some of the shows, children from the audience are invited on stage to perform with the cast using professionally made puppets. The repertoire of the Puppet Arts Theatre includes stories from Africa, like “Sahara Zoo” and “Trickster Tales,” starring Anansi the Spider, or European tales like “The Fisherman & His Wife,” or from Asia, like “The Toad Prince” and “The Adventure of Momotaro,” the most popular folk tale for children in Japan. Puppet Arts Theatre also enhances students’ speaking abilities, thinking skills, and appreciation of literature and music through creative puppetry workshops in schools.