Marta Szlubowska Ensemble provides audiences with classical and popular music performances listeners will recognize and love. Instruments include strings, accordion, and occasionally, special instruments like harpsichord or bayan, the Ukranian button accordion. Marta Szlubowska and her late father Janusz Szlubowski, who played accordion in MSE, founded this ensemble of professional musicians in the summer of 2012 with the intention of contributing to the rich cultural life of Mississippi. Both from Poland, they wanted to share the music that they knew and performed in their home country. Favorites include tangos, folk tunes of many nationalities, gypsy music, famous songs from around the world as well as the beautiful melodies of great classical composers. The ensemble’s repertoire also includes American standards such as Gershwin, Berlin, Bock, Garner and others. MSE performs formal concerts for elegant events, parties and other celebrations.