Markus is a multidisciplinary artist with a socially-engaged practice focusing on murals, installations, and site-specific projects. He is also a teaching artist who has taught, partnered, and consulted with schools, communities, state art councils/commissions, municipal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and correctional facilities throughout the United States.

Markus’ latest artist in residence was with The Art of Community: Rural SC, an initiative of the South Carolina Arts Commission, in which he partnered with the communities of Estill and Blackville in completing several socially engaged projects (refer to the website at

Being a multidisciplinary artist with a socially engaged practice is about being civically engaged in the concerns and/or celebrations of underrepresented/marginalized communities; cultural equity, diversity, and inclusion; indigenous stewardship; conflict resolution; past histories and current events; environmental preservation and conservation. Outcomes of these ‘shared experiences’ empowers individuals, schools, and communities to foster tolerance, respect, and outlets for artistic expression and life-skill practices.