Andi Lehman

Life with Animals: Connecting Their Stories to Ours

Award-winning actress/director and popular educational speaker Andi Lehman presents the wonder and value of “Life with Animals” through her entertainment company of the same name. Using integrated performing art tools like costumes, props, songs, interactive games, puppetry, and crafts, Andi introduces multiple species of live wild, domestic, or exotic animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and even aquatic critters. She shows and tells each animal’s story through the eyes of history, geography, literature, or science, demonstrating its purpose and beauty and revealing how it connects to us.

Several programs feature Andi as a literary or historical figure and may include short PowerPoint presentations and recitations or readings from engaging books, including Andi’s own children’s book, Saving Schmiddy (scheduled for release in June 2022.) All presentations include original educational worksheets and fun handouts. Programs tailored to a specific topic, curriculum, or event are available upon request.

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Standard Life with Animals Programs

Around the World with Animals: A Celebration Safari
The Truth About Snakes: The Only Good Snake is a Live Snake!
Building a Backyard Sanctuary for Animals: How to Certify Your Own Wildlife Habitat
Amazing Animals Who Serve
How the Victorian Era Changed Your Life with Animals
Animals in Story and Song
Morphs and Misfits in Nature
Where Do They Go in Winter?
Favorite Mammals in Literature
The Four Keys to Healthy Pets
The Key to Conservation: How to Love the Unlovable
Who Lives in Your Backyard? Reptiles and Mammals and Birds, Oh, My!
Beautiful, Beneficial, Benevolent: Snakes Around the World
Reptile Round-Up
Look-Alike Animals: Who’s Who and How to Discern the Difference
Ready, Set, Rehab! All About Wildlife Rehabilitation
Fabulous Frogs and Terrific Turtles
You Rescued a What?!
Love Those Lizards: A Tale of Two Reptiles
Animal Friends: Loved, Lost, and Found
All About Birds
What Good is a Tail?
Seaside Surprises
Talk to the Animals: Animal Sounds
Classifying Animals: What’s in a Name?
Horses, Heroes, and Heroines
The Super Six
The Best Christmas Present You Can Give Your Pet
Some (Not-So) Scary Animals: How We Can Learn to Like Them