Alkebulan Music Philosophy

AMP was co-founded by Edward Dorman and Shawn Lawrence. Eddie and Shawn have over 10 years of teaching and performing experience in traditional West African music. Both had extensive training from master drummers and dancers from Africa in the United States and Guinea, West Africa. AMP offers an inclusive, all abilities, all age group appropriate, hands-on cultural and creative musical experience, which engages people in the positive spirit of African music. We work hard to avoid the stereotypes that these instruments’ sole purpose was for entertainment.

Traditionally they were used to influence positive social behaviors, physical/mental well-being, generate awareness, teamwork, leadership, commitment, discipline, respect, and communication. These ideals are still relevant in today’s society, and by learning about traditional African music, we can grow to appreciate the importance of collaboration, interdependence, and community support. Through rhythm, song, and movement, we take you on a memorable journey of African Culture that connects people and leaves them feeling empowered and uplifted. The effects of these programs are nurtured, sustained, and fully felt through regular programming.