A personal journey of artistic growth

Antoinette Badenhorst integrates ceramic art lessons to students of all ages, with history, mathematics, language arts, social studies, music, chemistry, and physics. Antoinette offers her artistic services regardless of the work space, equipment and available materials. She can provide her own clay, which is easy to use, cost effective, and is suitable for schools with or without pottery studio equipment. Outside the public and private school classroom, Antoinette works with Mississippi Arts Councils, arts and craft forums, after-school students, summer art camp programs, libraries, community centers and other organizations.

Antoinette developed her own artistic and pottery teaching skills over four decades in South Africa and the USA. With her porcelain and pottery in public and private collections worldwide, her broad knowledge took her across the world, working as a mentor and instructor in 10 different countries. Her technical articles, research papers, ceramic reviews and artist reviews are widely published in books and magazines.