A personal journey of artistic growth

Antoinette Badenhorst, having developed her artistic ceramic skills for almost four decades, provides arts-integrated programs to students at any level. With porcelain and pottery in many public and private collections worldwide, Antoinette is also available to present art talks, exhibit her work, offer demonstrations and teach pottery classes. Her broad knowledge of pottery took her across the world, working as a mentor and/or pottery instructor in nine countries. As an arts educator, Antoinette introduces students to pottery processes, which intertwine with history and culture. Her art lessons can integrate math, language arts, history, social studies, music, chemistry, and physics, which help spark students’ interest in all of their studies. By using her own clay recipe, Antoinette’s clay is easy to use, cost effective, and suitable for schools without studio equipment. Badenhorst encourages educators to discuss their needs in the classroom to help her understand how she can work within their schedule and curriculum to enrich students’ learning experiences.