Museum on Wheels is a traveling “lesson in visual art” that introduces audiences to the basic elements of visual art by providing simple definitions alongside classical and contemporary replicas by European, American and Mississippi artists. Accompanying the replicas are artists’ biographies and lessons in the elements of visual art.

Viewers are invited to find specific elements within works of art and to appreciate the many ways these elements are used by different artists to create desired effects. Landscapes, still life, and portraits are exhibited in various styles and techniques including realism, pointillism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract and surrealism.

Young to old, beginning to advanced, teacher to student – all can learn about what value, texture, line, shape, and color are and how different artists combine these elements to produce beautiful works of art.

The goal of this project is to bring communities together through the inspirational power of visual art and to serve as an educational tool for the local residents and students. By providing instruction in understanding and appreciating visual art, people of all ages will enrich their future visual art experiences, thus building a community that values the arts in daily life.

For more information contact Charlotte Smelser, Arts Education Director at

“Museum on Wheels” is funded by a grant from the Wallace Foundation.

Pictured: “Museum on Wheels” at the Waynesboro Library. Photos by Judi Holifield