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Mississippi Narrative: Larry Brown
Larry Brown
Larry Brown captures the voices and stories of rural Mississippians in his work. The Lafayette County native has been an avid reader since childhood and was influenced by the work of William Faulkner as well as other southern writers like Eudora Welty, Flannery O'Conner and Harry Crews. Brown is largely a self-taught writer. He began writing in his spare time while working as a firefighter for the City of Oxford, an experience he later recounted in his non-fictional work, On Fire. Brown has received much praise for his forceful portrayals of small town life in Mississippi. He does not avoid the painful realities of his character's lives, but presents unsentimentalized and moving portraits of modern life in the rural south. He has written six books, including the novels Father and Son and Dirty Work.
Photo of Larry Brown

Larry Brown

Larry Brown reading from his short story "Old Frank and Jesus" in Oxford, 1988.
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Photography by Tom Rankin.

Audio courtesy of the Southern Media Archive at the
Center for the Study of Southern Culture.

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